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Oneg Nigun

Music & audio © Alexander Massey, 23 March 2014 In Jewish life, we take joy seriously! We are reminded that, on Shabbat especially, we should be joyful, prompted by the verse from Isaiah 58:13 – “and call the Sabbath a delight

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Omer Day 7 – Malchut of Chesed

Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 20 May 2014 Many years ago, someone commented to me that I didn’t always say ‘thank you’ when it might have been appropriate. I was shocked, and embarrassed. I was convinced I was grateful.

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V’taheir Libeinu

Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 13 August 2015 V’taheir libeinu, l’ovd’cha b’emet. “Purify our hearts, that we may serve You in truth.” Buy V’taheir libeinu – sheet music – voice and guitar – includes full instructions for group circle dance –

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Composition and audio © Alexander Massey Sept 2014 In the book of the prophet Nehemiah, we learn that “all the Jews gathered as one in the street that is in front of the gate of water.”  (Neh 8:1) We commemorate

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Miketz, Dreams, Chanukah and Human Rights

In the previous parsha (Vayeshev), we have met Joseph with his multi-coloured robe, the envious brothers who sell him into slavery, and learn of their wicked deception of their father Jacob. In an interlude we hear of Tamar’s righteous deception

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Sukkot matters (2): Finding meaning in the Four Species

We are told in the Torah: “On the first day you shall take the product of the beautiful tree, branches of palm trees, thick branches of leafy trees, and willows of the brook and you shall rejoice before the Lord

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Sukkot matters (3): Finding meaning in shaking the lulav

The shaking of the Four Species, sometimes called ‘shaking the lulav’, has attracted a number of meanings over the course of Jewish history. One of these was the idea that all the four plants require water to grow, and this

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Sukkot matters (1): Finding meaning in the sukkah

Sukkot is a wonderful opportunity to reach back into our Jewish tradition, drawing upon ancient wisdom, at the same time as making new meanings for ourselves and contributing to the evolution of a living Judaism. I’m not going to give

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Four Children

Listen/watch song on YouTube Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 15 February 2014 [Commentary is on its way. In the meantime, the lyrics are below …] What is this story to you? And what does our God command us to

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Ashrei Ha’am (Ps 89:16-19)

Psalm 89:16-19 Composition and audio © Alexander Massey, 24 May 2012 Listen / watch on YouTube (including spoken introduction) – SOAS Interfaith Music Festival Buy Ashrei Ha’am – choral sheet music (4 equal vces + pno) – £6.25 (£1.25 per copy,

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