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Shema (1) – Listen and Love

This translation of the first paragraph of the Sh’ma intersperses close reading of the original Hebrew with meditative interpolations to expand on multiple meanings and ambiguities in the Hebrew, as well as in the translation itself. The reader is invited

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Man’s Quest for God (book by Heschel)

These are my own gleanings from a wonderful book by Abraham Joshua Heschel, Man’s Quest for God: Studies in Prayer and Symbolism (1954, copyright Susannah Heschel 1996). I hope they encourage you to buy the book. Normally, I paraphrase and

Elohai N’shamah

Music and recording © Alexander Massey 11 March 2015 (I have written another substantial article on Elohai N’shamah, including 2 new meditations, which can be found here.) Chant, text, translation, source readings and reflections ….

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Music, English lyrics and Recording © Alexander Massey, Aug 2014. Hebrew words (Trad.) Dedicated to my Rabbi, Reb Zalman Shachter-Shalomi (ztz”l), completed during shloshim. Chant, text, translation, source readings and reflections ….

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Sim Shalom No. 1

Watch/listen to Sim Shalom on YouTube The sheet music is available in any key for £3.50 GBP Buy HIGH voice version (chorus D-Eb, verses low Bb to high F) Buy LOW voice version (chorus B-C, verses low G to high D) Translation: Bestow (‘put’)

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Mi Adir

Mi Adir – Composition and audio © Alexander Massey, 13 Nov 2013 Mi Adir is a text that is traditionally used at a Jewish wedding as the couple processes to the chuppah. Last year, I composed a new musical setting for it,

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The Priestly Blessing (Y’varech’cha)

Y’varech’cha Adonai (May You Be Blessed) – Composition and audio © Alexander Massey, 3 July 2013 The simple meaning I have always loved the sounds of this blessing (sometimes called the ‘Priestly Blessing’), whether in Hebrew or English. The verbal repetitions,

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Mi Chamocha No. 1

Composition and recording © Alexander Massey – 14 March 2013 Who is like You among the gods, O God? Who is like You, glorious in holiness, awesome in splendour, doing wonders? A new song the redeemed sang to Your name

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Mi Chamocha No. 2

  Watch/listen on YouTube Buy SOLO sheet music (vce + pno, Fm, C-C) – £3.50 Buy CHORAL sheet music (SATB + pno, Fm) – £7.50 (£1.50 per copy, min. 5 copies) Commentary The words of Mi chamocha are taken from the Song

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Davening: A Guide to Meaningful Jewish Prayer (Zalman Shachter-Shalomi) – notes on the book

These are my personal notes that I made when I read: Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi  (2012) Davening: A Guide to Meaningful Jewish Prayer, Jewish Lights . When I make notes, they are just to jog my own memory of the

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