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I lift my eyes to the mountains (Ps 121)

Written and first performed for the Oxford Unitarians service at Harris Manchester College, Yom Hashoah 5774/2014 Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 23 January 2014 In English: In Hebrew: Many commentators have seen this psalm as expressing total confidence in

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Mi Adir

Mi Adir – Composition and audio © Alexander Massey, 13 Nov 2013 Mi Adir is a text that is traditionally used at a Jewish wedding as the couple processes to the chuppah. Last year, I composed a new musical setting for it,

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V’erastich Li

Watch/listen to V’erastich Li on YouTube >> The sheet music is available in any key for £3.50 GBP (please contact me if you want a different key from the ones shown here) Buy lower SOLO voice version – Fmaj (C-D) Buy higher

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Shalom Aleichem No. 1

Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 22 April 2013 Shalom Aleichem is a traditional Shabbat text that first appeared in the late 16th century as a song welcoming the angels. Shabbat celebrates the seventh day, the day when we rest,

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Mah Tovu No. 2

Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 11 Apr 2013 How good are your tents, O Jacob, your dwellings, O Israel! [Num. 24:5] As for me, O God abounding in grace, 
I enter your house to worship with awe in Your

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Ma’ariv Nigun

Meditative music must begin from silence. We must be prepared to enter silence first, because that is the most fertile space for beginning prayer. When I had my hand-woven tallit (prayer shawl) made, its maker Amy Smith (of www.bluefeetstudio.com), asked

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Adonai Malach (Ps 93)

On Shabbat, we mark the completion of Creation, and the establishment of God, not humanity, as the Ruler of Creation. Psalm 93 – beginning with the words Adonai malach – is one of many affirmations of this in traditional Shabbat

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Mi Chamocha No. 1

Composition and recording © Alexander Massey – 14 March 2013 Who is like You among the gods, O God? Who is like You, glorious in holiness, awesome in splendour, doing wonders? A new song the redeemed sang to Your name

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Mi Chamocha No. 2

  Watch/listen on YouTube Buy SOLO sheet music (vce + pno, Fm, C-C) – £3.50 Buy CHORAL sheet music (SATB + pno, Fm) – £7.50 (£1.50 per copy, min. 5 copies) Commentary The words of Mi chamocha are taken from the Song

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Trust In You (Ps 131)

Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 5 March 2013 I am grateful to my storyteller friend Adele Moss for drawing my attention to Psalm 131, and encouraging me to spend time with it. Why was it written? What is it

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