Ana B’choach

Music & audio © 29 Sept 2022 Alexander Massey – All Rights Reserved

A mystical poem, using seven different names of God, chanted at times of crisis in the Jewish community.

  1. We beg You, by the strength of Your right hand, untie the knot of our sins.
  2. Accept the prayer-song of Your people, strengthen us, purify us, O Awesome ONe.
  3. Please, strengthen those seeking Your Oneness, like the pupil in the eye, protect them.
  4. Bless them, purify them, show them mercy, always bestowing righteousness on them.
  5. Powerful, Holy One, with great goodness, guide Your servants.
  6. Unique, Exalted, face of Your people, who honour Your Holiness.
  7. Receive our prayer, and hear our cry, You who know all mysteries.

Blessed be the name, the glorious majesty for ever and ever.