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Circumcising conversion candidates – ‘the most unkindest cut of all’

Jewish boys and the choice not to circumcise Even though circumcision is not a halachic criterion for establishing Jewish status for a boy, there is a strong and widespread religious and social expectation within the UK Orthodox community (religious and non-religious)

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Brit Shalom ceremonies – resources

This page includes a huge array of information about Jewish circumcision (brit milah), and its modern alternative, brit shalom (with no cutting, or drawing blood). As Mark Reiss says: “Brit Shalom can be similar to the naming ceremony traditionally used for

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Celebrating Brit Shalom (book by Moss & Wald)

There are many websites, resources, and articles, by noted medical experts, rabbis and authorities on Jewish tradition and halachah (law) that set out the arguments both against brit milah (the circumcision ritual for Jewish boys), and for alternative welcoming, naming and covenant ceremonies (such as brit shalom) that

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Sim Shalom No. 1

Watch/listen to Sim Shalom on YouTube BUY the sheet music (HIGH voice & pno/guit) – $4.95 BUY the sheet music (LOW voice & pno/guit) – $4.95 Translation: Bestow (‘put’) peace, goodness and blessing, grace, and loving-kindness and mercy, on us

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Jewish parent names for a proselyte / convert

Background For ritual purposes, legal proceedings within Jewish law, and certificates, proselytes usually drop the use of their biological parents’ names, and adopt the names ben / bat avraham v’sarah (son / daughter of Abraham and Sarah). This appears to be

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Simcha Song (Ps 81)

Midrash on Psalm 81 (1-4, 8, 11) Composition, lyrics and audio © Alexander Massey, 12 Sep 2011 BUY the sheet music (3 vces lead sheet) – $6.75 (3 copies @ $2.25) BUY the sheet music (3 vces & pno) –

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“If male, is he circumcised?” Covenant, community, compassion and conscience

[I am addressing the question of circumcision in Judaism by looking at Liberal Judaism UK. Please bear in mind as you read this article, that I believe that the Liberal Jewish movement plays a vital role in the ethical awareness

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