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The Ten Plagues of … Israel

Pesach 5772 / 2012 Why the ten plagues of Israel, and not Egypt? A midrashic suggestion Exodus tells the story of ten plagues that afflicted Egypt, prior to the flight of the Israelites into the desert. Why are the plagues

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Your People Will Be My People (Ruth)

Ruth 1:16-18 Composition, lyrics and audio © Alexander Massey, 9 Nov 2011 Vatomeir Rut al-tifgi-bi, l’azveich lashuv meiachara’ich: ki el asher teilchi eileich, uva’asher talini alin – ameich ami, veilohayich elohai; ba’asher tamuti amut, v’sham ekaveir; koh ya’aseh adonai li,

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