Neir Adonai

Music and audio © 2 Dec 2023 Alexander Massey – All Rights Reserved אֱלהַי נְשָמָה שֶנָתַתָ בִי טְהורָה הִיא נֵר יְהוָה, נִשְמַת אָדָם חֹפֵשׂ, כָל-חַדְרֵי-בָטֶן כִי-אַתָה, תָאִיר נֵרִי יְהוָה אֱלֹהַי, יַגִיהַ חָשְכִי Ch: My God, the soul you have given me is pure. [Berachot 60b, morning prayer] 1: The soul of a person is the […]

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Oneg Nigun

Music & audio © Alexander Massey, 23 March 2014 BUY the sheet music (1 or 2 vces + guitar chords) – $2.25 In Jewish life, we take joy seriously! We are reminded that, on Shabbat especially, we should be joyful, prompted by the verse from Isaiah 58:13 – “and call the Sabbath a delight [oneg]”. The

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