Facing the Future

Download ‘Facing the Future Checklist’ Introduction It’s never ‘too soon’ to put our affairs in order so that all is prepared in the event of our death. After all, it is going to happen – we just don’t know when. But why bother? After all, once we’re dead, doesn’t it all become someone else’s problem? Yes …

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I lift my eyes to the mountains (Ps 121)

Written and first performed for the Oxford Unitarians service at Harris Manchester College, Yom Hashoah 5774/2014 Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 23 January 2014 In English: In Hebrew: Essa Einai / I lift my eyes – BUY the sheet music (Eng & Heb) – $4.95 Many commentators have seen this psalm as expressing total …

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Before we ever said hello

In Lev. 10, Aaron’s two sons are consumed by fire, and die. There is a cryptic sentence in the text: “Vayidom Aharon.” This is often translated as ‘Aaron was silent’, or ‘Aaron held his peace.’ But neither of these does justice to the Hebrew verb, which really means, ‘Aaron was struck dumb / became still’. Rabbi …

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