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Make sure that you use the search box to see if you can find a musical setting of a text, prayer, Bible story or midrash that is already here. You can also browse the Categories, or the Tags, to find music. Every piece of music I write has a commentary that I have written to go with it, and you’ll find these commentaries on this website. The titles with a live (blue) link have a commentary / essay already posted on this site; some pieces have an audio file, and some link to a video on YouTube.

Ordering sheet music

The best way to order individual pieces of sheet music is simply to contact me directly, and tell me which pieces you are interested in, and what voice range you would prefer. I can then generate a digital version in the key you need, and a Paypal link for the price. Prices are similar to oysongs.com. I can also sometimes write a new arrangement of a piece, depending on your requirements.

July 2016 – I am aware that people really want to hear the music, so I am trying to make demos of each song as quickly as possible so that I can post them on this site. Please be patient, and keep coming back to find out what else I have recorded.

NameAudio, videoPartsOccasion, themesHeb, EngKey, RangeNusach
Adon Olam No.1Voice + piano - Optional 2nd voice part - Lead sheetShabbat ; High Holy Days; interfaithHeb or EngEm, B3 to E5Ahavah rabah + Magein avot
Adon Olam No. 2ALead sheetShabbat ; High Holy Days; interfaithHeb or EngAm, A3 to D5
Adonai Malach (Ps 93)Lead sheetKabbalat Shabbat; Shabbat ShacharitHebD, D4 to D5Adonai malach
Adonai S'fatai Tiftach (Ps 51:15)2 sections, each in itself a round for 2 voices - melodies of 16 bars and 8 bars respectively - Lead sheetAmidahHebAm and Amaj, A3 to C#5
Ahavat OlamASolo or duet + piano - SATB + piano - Lead sheetMa'ariv ; evening blessing before the  Sh'ma ;  Kabbalat Shabbat; Kol Nidrei; ShavuotHebFm, D4 to F5
Ana Eil NaAChant - Lead sheetHealing prayer; interfaithBothC, C4 to G4
Ashrei ha'am (Ps 89:16-19)A + VSolo + piano - 4 equal voices + pianoRosh Hashanah; Parshat B'ha'alotechaHebCm, C4 to E5
Ashrei Yoshvei Veitecha (Ps 84:5)AChant - Lead sheetMaking sacred space;  Shabbat  morning or afternoonHebD, A3 to B4
B'nei Mitzvah NigunARound for 3 voices, 24 bar melody - Lead sheetShabbat; bar / bat mitzvah ; any timeN/ADm, A3 to D5Magein avot
B'rich RachamanaARound for 3 voices, 6 bar melody - Lead sheetMeal; interfaith;  Parshat EikevHebC, C4 to C5Adonai malach
B'ruchah Haba'ah (Ps 118:26; Song of Songs 6:10)ASolo - Optional 2nd part - Lead sheetBaby blessing (girl); wedding;  bat mitzvahHebD, A3 to A4
Come down God (Ps 86:1-7)A + VVoice & piano - Also  nigunSpiritual challenge; loss; healing; interfaithEngBm, B3 to D5
Ein Keloheinu No.2ARound for 2 voices (with optional 3rd voice ostinato), 8 bar melody - Lead sheet. Driving rhythms, in 5/4 or 10/8.Shabbat; any time (!)HebBm, B3 to B4
1. Elohai N'shamah: it's music and meaning - short intro to this setting and kavanah of the music.

2. Elohai N'shamah and 2 meditations

3. Elohai N'shamah: its deeper meanings
ARound for 3 voices, 6 bar melody, and simple body movements - Lead sheetMorning blessing; any timeHebBb, Bb3 to Bb4
Essa Einai (Ps 121)AUnaccompanied solo voice. There is also a version in English: 'I lift my eyes to the mountains'. - Lead sheetSpiritual challenge; loss; interfaith; healingHeb (Eng alternative)Em/G, B3 to D5Yishtabach
The Four Children - What is this story to you?VUnaccompanied duet - Lead sheetPesachEngCm, G3 to C5
Halleluyah No. 1 (Ps 150)AVoice + pianoShabbat ; Morning; Praise; InterfaithHebC, C4 to E5
Halleluyah No. 2 (Ps 150)4 part canon (optional 5th, solo, voice); 32 bar melody - Piano part optionalShabbat ; Morning; Praise; InterfaithHebF#m, B3 to D5
Han'shamah Lach - a new settingAVoice + piano; also 3 part a cappella (sop, ten, bass)High Holy Days;  Selichot ;  Kol NidreiHebDm, D4 to E5 (tenor F3-E4, bass A2-G3)
HashkiveinuAVoice + guitar - Lead sheetEvening;  Ma'arivBothC, B3 to C5
Holy Mountain (Ps 87)ASolo + piano - SATB + pianoShabbat ; Praise; InterfaithEngD, D4 to F5Adonai malach
I am blessed (Job)ASolo + piano - Or duet + pianoSpiritual challenge; interfaithEngBm, B3 to F#5
I lift my eyes to the mountains (Ps 121)AUnaccompanied solo voice. There is also a version in Hebrew:  Essa einai.  - Lead sheetSpiritual challenge; interfaithEng (Heb alternative)Em and G, B3 to D5Yishtabach
Im ein ani li (Pirkei Avot 1:14)Lead sheetSpiritual challenge; interfaith; community bonding; outreach;  Mitzvah  DayHebEm, D4 to E5
In Your light, we see light (Ps.36:8-10)AVoice and pianoBaby blessing;  bar mitzvah ;  bat mitzvah ; wedding; protection, healingEng or HebG, G3 to E5 (soprano), or G2 to E4 (tenor)
Kaddish (Mourner's)AUnison - Optional 2nd part - Lead sheetWhenever Mourner's  Kaddish  is used; praiseHebBm, B3 to D5
Kein LaShabbat Haba'ahARound for 3 voices, 24 bar melody (3 contrasting sub-sections). - Optional piano part.HavdalahHebBm, B3 to D5
Ki L'Olam Chasdo (Ps 136:1-2, 5-6, 16, 25, 3, 26ASATBGreat  Hallel  -  Shabbat, Yom Tov, Pesach, Hoshanah Rabbah  (7th day of  Sukkot )HebEm (sop E4-E5; alto B3-B4; tenor E3-E4; bass A2-B3)
Kol B'ramah, Kol D'mei (Jer. 31:15, Gen. 4:10, Sanhedrin 4:1)ATenor (or soprano) and pianoYom Kippur; Yom HaShoah ; Holocaust Memorial; Interfaith;  Parshat VayishlachHebFm, C3 to F4Mi Sinai
Kumi Lach Rayati (Song of Songs 2:10, 2:11, 2:12, 4:1, 5:2)ALead sheetWedding (including for two women)HebD, D4 to D5
L'chah DodiAVoice + piano - Optional 2nd part - Lead sheetKabbalat ShabbatHebEm, B3 to B4
Lamah Lanetzach (Lamentations 5:20-22)AVoice + pianoTisha B'AvHebFm, Bb3 to F5
Libavtini Achoti Chalah (Song of Songs 3:6, 4:1, 4:9)ALead sheetWedding (including for two women)HebAm, D4 to D5
Limmud NigunALead sheetLearning; celebration; interfaithN/AEm, B3 to D5
Lo Yisa Goi No.1 (Isaiah 2:4)Round for 4 voices (min.), or 5 voices (optimal), 9 bar melody - Lead sheet (This could be sung by up to 9 voice parts, but that would create too dense a musical texture.)Peace; interfaith; community bonding. This links with  Sim Shalom No.2 thematically and musically.Heb or Eng, or bothDm, C#4 to D5
Lo Yisa Goi No.2 (Isaiah 2:4)ARound for 3 voices; each section has its own time signature (4/4, 6/8, 3/4). Peace; interfaith; community bondingHeb and Eng togetherAm, A3 to C5
Ma'ariv NigunALead sheetMa'ariv ; evening; meditationN/AEm, B3 to C5Ahavah rabah
Mah Gadlu (Ps 92:6)ARound for 3 voices, 12 bar melody - Lead sheetMorning; praise; interfaith; any timeHeb or Eng, or bothGm, D4 to D5Magein avot
Mah Tovu No.1Round for 2 voices, 8 bar melody - Lead sheetMorning; making sacred space; any time;  Parshat BalakHebDm, D4 to D5Magein avot
Mah Tovu No.2AUnison - Chorus can stand alone as a chant, and be a 2 part round - Lead sheetMorning; making sacred space; any time;  Parshat BalakHebE, B3 to B4Adonai malach
Mi AdirVoice + piano - 2 voices + piano - Solo voice + string quartet - The chorus also works as a counterpoint / harmony part below the tune, so this can be sung as an unaccompanied piece for 2 voices.WeddingHebVoice & pno - Dm, D4 to D5.
String 4tet - Em; E4 to E5.
Mi Chamocha No. 1AUnaccompanied duet - Optional 3rd part - Lead sheetAny service;  Shabbat ;  Shabbat Shirah , Song at the Sea;  Parshat BeshalachHebG, D4 to D5Adonai malach
Mi Chamocha No. 2VVoice + piano - SATB + pianoAny service; weekday service;  Shabbat Shirah , Song at the Sea;  Yom Kippur; Parshat BeshalachHebFm, C4 to C5Ahavah rabah
Modeh Ani (Berachot 4:1) - 1st article.

2nd article including 4 thankfulness practices.
AChant - Lead sheetOn waking; morning blessing; any timeHebBb, Bb3 to Bb4Adonai malach
Nachamu Nachamu NigunAVoice + piano - Optional 2nd partYizkor  (remembrance);  Shoah  memorial; loss & consolation; spiritual challenge; meditation; interfaith;  Tisha B’AvN/ACm, C4 to Eb5Magein avot
Naomi's NigunAChant - Lead sheetAny time; before or after  haftarah  on  Shabbat morningN/AEm, B3 to C5 (a 9th)Based loosely on  nusach  for  haftarah on  Shabbat morning
Nigun Charkartani vaTeidaAChant - Lead sheetAny timeN/AAm, A3-B4
Nir'eh Or (Ps.36:8-10)AVoice + pianoBaby blessing;  bar mitzvah ;  bat mitzvah ; wedding; protection, healingHeb or EngG, G3 to E5 (soprano), or G2 to E4 (tenor)
Oneg NigunAIn 5/8, but easy to pick up by ear. - Optional 2nd part and hand percussion Lead sheetAny time! Celebration, Friday night, Saturday morning, afternoon or evening; after a healing eventN/AD, B3 to D5
Oseh Shalom No. 1 (to the tune of L'chah Dodi)Voice + piano - Optional 2nd part - Lead sheetShabbat ; any occasion; interfaith; peaceHebE, B3 to B4Adonai malach
Oseh Shalom No. 2AVoice + piano - Optional 2nd part - Lead sheetYom Kippur ; interfaith; peaceHebGm, D4 to D5Mi Sinai (Yom Kippur Musaf)
Shabbat ShalomGentle, sonorous round for up to 5 voices, melody of 16 or 20 bars - Lead sheetShabbatHebBb, F3 to C5
ShalomGentle, contemplative round for 2 voices, 8 bar melody - Lead sheetAny time; peace; end of the HebDm, A3 to A4Magein avot
Shalom Aleichem, Aleichem ShalomAGentle chant for unison voices - Lead sheet Any time; peace; interfaith; ShabbatHebA, A3 to A4
Shalom Aleichem MalacheiAVoice + piano - Optional 2nd part - Lead sheetKabbalat shabbatHebSolo/duet Bb, C4 to Eb5.
Congregational G, A3 to C5
Shalom AleichemRound for 3 voices, 12 bar melody - Lead sheetKabbalat shabbatHebD, C#4 to D5
Sh'ma Adonai Koli Ekra (Ps. 27:7)ARound for 2 voices, 16 bar melody - Lead sheetHealing; peace; High Holy DaysDm, A3 to C5 (a 10th)
Sim shalom No. 1VSolo + congregation - Lead sheetAmidah ; interfaith; peaceHebEm and G, G3 to D5
Chorus B3 to C5
Sim Shalom No. 2Round for 4 voices (min.), or 5 voices (optimal), 9 bar melody - Lead sheet. (This could be sung by up to 9 voice parts, but that would create too dense a musical texture.)Amidah ; interfaith; peace. This links with Lo Yisa Goi  No.1 thematically and musically.HebD, C#4 to D5
Simcha Song (Ps 81)ALively round for 3 voices, 48 bar melody (3 contrasting sub-sections) - Lead sheet - Optional piano partCelebrations:  bar / bat mitzvah , wedding, anniversary, baby blessing; festivalsEngEm, B3 to E5
Tashlich (Micah 7:18-19)ARound for 2 voices, 8 bar melody, and simple body movements - Lead sheetRosh HashanahHebEm, B3 to E5
Tree of Life NigunAUnaccompanied voice - Voice + guitar - Lead sheetEnd of  Shabbat ; meditation; interfaithN/AEm, B3 to D5Ahavah rabah
Trust In You (Ps 131)AVoice + piano - Lead sheetSpiritual challenge;  Shoah  memorial; interfaith;  Parshat Va’yeshevEngDm, A3 to D5Yishtabach
V'asu Li Mikdash (Ex. 25:8)ARound for 2 voices, 16 bar melody. Piano part and/or guitar chords. Also 2 optional single line instruments.Terumah; community building; dedication of a synagogue;  chanukat habayit  (dedication of a home); weddingHeb or EngD, A3 to A4
V'erastich Li (Hosea 2:21-22)VVoice + piano - Duet (equal voices) + pianoWedding;  Shavuot ; laying  t'fillin; Kabbalat Shabbat ; interfaith;  Parashat YitroBothF, C4 to D5Adonai malach + Yishtabach
ARound for 2 voices, 32 bar melody - Lead sheetYom Kippur Mincha ;  Shabbat ; for reassuranceHebG, A3 to D5
V'taheir LibeinuAIncludes instructions for a simple circle dance - Lead sheetHigh Holy Days  amidahHebBm, B3 to A4Magein avot
Yedid NefeshAVoice + piano - duet + pianoKabbalat Shabbat ; interfaithHebGm, D4 to Eb5Yishtabach
Yonah's NigunARound for 2 voices, 16 bar melody - Lead sheetYom Kippur mincha afternoon service; meditation; interfaithN/ADm, D4 to D5Magein avot
Yotzeir OrA + VLead sheet - Optional piano and whistle/recorder partsMorning blessing before the  Sh'ma ; interfaithHeb or EngEm, B3 to E5Magein avot
1. 'You have all been shown what is good' (Micah 6:8)- its music and meaning.

2. 'You have all been shown what is good' - it's deeper meanings
ARound for 2 voices, 16 bar melody - Lead sheetPeace; interfaith; justiceHebEm, B3 to C5Ahavah rabah
Your People Will Be My People (Ruth 1:16-18)A + VVoice + piano - duet + pianoConversion;  Shavuot ; interfaith;  Parashat YitroEngEm, B3 to E5
Y'varech'cha Adonai (Priestly Blessing) (Numbers 6:24-26)AVoice + piano - SATB + pianoWedding;  bar / bat mitzvah ;  Shabbat morning; any timeBothDm, D4 to E5