Lo Yisa Goi (No.1) / Sim Shalom

Music and audio © Alexander Massey 25 Nov. 2018

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(Apologies for my falsetto parts in this ad hoc recording – I’ll post a better recording when I next have sopranos in my studio!)

This 4 part round, prophesying the end of war, partners with a second round, Sim Shalom (Maker of Peace). Lo Yisa Goi (No.1) is set in a minor key, and uses a verse from Isaiah 2:4:

Lo yisa goi el goi cherev, v’lo yilmadu od milchamah.

“Nation will not harm nation; there’ll be no thought of war.”

Note that the last word (“war”) of the last voice in the round is deliberately left out.

This then leads into a second round, using exactly the same tune, but translated into the major key. This second section uses a verse from the Sim Shalom blessing of the daily amidah prayer:

Sim shalom tovah uv’rachah, chein vachesed v’rachamim, aleinu v’al kol ha-olam.

“Grant peace and goodness and blessing, grace, and kindness, and mercy to us and all the world.”

I have written another setting of Lo Yisa Goi, which is a round for 3 voices in 3 different time signatures – Lo Yisa Goi (No.2).