Music for P’sukei D’zimra

Psalm 92

Musical settings for the ‘Verses of song’ section of the morning service

This list includes solo pieces, duets, congregational music, chants, rounds, and full choral settings. Much of it can work unaccompanied as well as accompanied, while some work better with accompaniment.

Ps 92 Рsetting of the verse Mah Gadlu Р3 part round (optional English alternative) 

Ps 93 – setting of Adonai Malach – call and response

Ps 103 (vv.1-12) – Barchi Nafshi – abbreviated version of the psalm (with or without guitar)

Ps 84 – Ashrei Yoshvei (one verse only) – chant (with / without guitar)

Ps 121 – Essa Einai / I lift my eyesa cappella solo. (This has alternative English lyrics with a very close translation.)

Ps 136 – Ki L’Olam Chasdo – an abbreviated version (leaving out some verses, but maintaining the ‘narrative logic’ of the psalm.) – can also be call and response – SATB arrangement, with / without accompaniment also available

Ps 150 – Halleluyah No. 1 – quiet, gentle, hypnotic setting, can be solo (with or without guit/pno accompaniment).

Ps 150 – Halleluyah No. 2 – rousing, 4 part round (32 bar round) – word painting for the different instruments

Elohai N’shamah – single chant, or 3 part round (with/without guitar)