Events 2019

Some key events for this year (2019) can be found on this page. My weekly schedule of teaching, rehearsals etc can be found here.

If you would like me to perform, teach, lead prayer, or act as celebrant for a ceremony, please get in touch through my contact page. You might find it helpful to browse my previous events.

2019Event details
8 Oct, 2019
Oxford Progressive Congregation
Leading the singing of Kol Nidrei
Autumn 2019
Transcontinental Music
Including my Yotzeir Or and Ma'ariv Nigun in their Nigun Anthology 3
24 July, 2019
Society for Old Testament Study Summer Meeting (Conference), Oxford University
Performance of Mah Gadlu by Worcester College Choir, and first performance of Barchi Nafshi by Alexander Massey and Matthew Faulk as part of the final Psalms Concert
13 July, 2019
Crouch End Chavurah
Leading the music for Shabbat morning service and bar mitzvah
20 June, 2019
World Refugee Day Performance
Performance by Oxfordshire (Oxford Jewish Community Choir) of Tashlich, V'taheir Libeinu, and V'asu Li Mikdash on Thursday 20 June, 2019.

Hosted by Asylum Welcome for the United Nations World Refugee Day.
13 June, 2019
Abrahamic Reunion
Hansh'mah Lach was played at the peace gathering.
29 May - 2 June, 2019
Hava Nashira (USA) Annual Songleading & MusicWorkshop
Thanks to Cantor Ellen Dreskin for sharing and teaching my Kein LaShabbat, a riotous round for 3 voices ...
... and to Judith Silver for sharing and teaching my gospel-inspired Holy Mountain (Ps 87), Elohai N'shamah (3 part round), and Yotzeir Or morning chant.
22 May, 2019
Broad St, Oxford
For Lag B'Omer celebrations, afternoon outdoor performance of Jewish songs with Matthew Faulk
9 May, 2019
New publication
Five Yiddish Songs
Traditional songs, arranged for 3 voices (soprano, alto, and tenor/bass) with piano – can be performed unison with piano, or with 2nd and/or 3rd voice. A mixture of lullabies, comic stories, and a simple Shabbat song, these arrangements, with their creative piano parts, are alternately touching and entertaining. Even though relatively easy to learn for a choir of modest musical and vocal abilities, these pieces are musically, emotionally and dramatically effective in performance.
1 May, 2019
American Cantors Assembly
Ana Eil Na and Ma'ariv Nigun presented to SongSwap
27 April, 2019
London Ruach Chavurah (Jewish Renewal)
Leading meditations and musical prayers for Shabbat morning service
March 23, 2019
Oxford Progressive Congregation
Leading the singers for bar mitzvah and Shabbat morning service
March 6, 2019
American Cantors Assembly
L'chah Dodi presented to SongSwap
March 3, 2019, 7pm
Slager Jewish Centre, Oxford
Concert - 'The time of singing has come': Inspirational Jewish Songs composed by Alexander Massey, performed by Alexander Massey & Matthew Faulk
February 14, 2019
New publication
Five Sacred Chants - rounds and chants for 2 or 3 voices, easy to learn and sing, very effective and inspiring musically.
February 9, 2019
Oxford Progressive Congregation
Leading the singers for Shabbat morning service
January 12, 2019
Oxford Progressive Congregation
Leading the singers for Shabbat morning service