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Ruth 1:16-18 Composition, lyrics and audio © Alexander Massey, 9 Nov 2011 BUY the sheet music (solo & pno) – $4.95 BUY the sheet music (duet & pno) – $6.75 (3 copies @ $2.25) Vatomeir Rut al-tifgi-bi, l’azveich lashuv meiachara’ich: …

Your People Will Be My People (Ruth) Read More »

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Background For ritual purposes, legal proceedings within Jewish law, and certificates, proselytes usually drop the use of their biological parents’ names, and adopt the names ben / bat avraham v’sarah (son / daughter of Abraham and Sarah). This appears to be …

Jewish parent names for a proselyte / convert Read More »

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[I am addressing the question of circumcision in Judaism by looking at Liberal Judaism UK. Please bear in mind as you read this article, that I believe that the Liberal Jewish movement plays a vital role in the ethical awareness …

“If male, is he circumcised?” Covenant, community, compassion and conscience Read More »

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