Testimonials (marriage blessings)

Dear Alexander – What a beautiful service you conducted yesterday! David and I were so thrilled to be part of the blessing you organised and today we keep thinking of little things you said or did which made the half hour you directed so special – and in fact it made it feel like an hour at least. I didn’t want it to end – from the music you composed to the few moments at the end when you asked Ben and Kirsty to stop time and, reflect and look into each other’s eyes, it was all lovely. I wanted to … write and tell you how much we appreciate your input and how grateful we are to you for giving the Jewish dimension to the day. It was perfect and very meaningful for us all. Thank you so much for everything! We received many compliments on your behalf from guests who knew nothing about a Jewish wedding ceremony but loved what they heard. Warm wishes, Helen [Mother of the groom]

Alexander – We have been to a number of such occasions and it is fair to say that this was the most powerful and the most moving we have ever experienced. It is true that we were somewhat biased, but I would like to think that we could retain our some of our objectivity! You exuded such warmth and personality, which embraced both the couple and all of us sitting there; you created a sense of occasion in which everyone felt a participant. Of course people would make complimentary remarks, but you can tell when they are being sincere or just polite; and too many people were too enthusiastic afterwards just for politeness’ sake. I felt your words and music so embodied the humanity which, for me, reflects what Judaism is all about; and I am only sorry that everyone didn’t know that they were listening to the world premiere of your setting of Mi Adir, arranged for a string quartet! You so clearly had taken the trouble to get to know Millie and Liam. We so appreciated that. Thank you again for your participation in our children’s wedding; and for your inspired leadership. I am sure our paths will cross again. Warm wishes, Samuel [Father of the groom]

Dear Alexander – Thank you so much from both of us for the amazing service you performed for us on Saturday. You really made the day not only for us, but for everyone! A flavour of the comments we both had that night…

“Alexander showed how an interfaith wedding should be done”
“I loved the day, particularly the Jewish ceremony”
“I’m converting to Judaism”
“If I had my life over I’d like to be Jewish”

From us, it was meaningful, funny, and has given us lots to talk about. You captured a point that made everyone laugh when you said “Naomi does details, Stuart – bigger picture!! Too true!” Many thanks, Stuart and Naomi [Groom and bride]

Dear Alexander – We wanted to thank you for the amazing Marriage Blessing you gave on Saturday for Katy’s and my wedding. Everyone commented on how brilliant you were and how lovely your voice was. You helped make our day very special. All the best! Harry and Katy