Chazak, Chazak

Music and audio © Alexander Massey 1 May 2017 These words, based on 2 Samuel 10:11, are traditionally spoken as we finish reading a book of the Torah. They can be translated: “Be strong, be strong, and we shall be strong!” The first half is in the singular, and the second half is in the

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Kedoshim 5774 – How can we ‘be holy’?

Lev. 19:1-20:7 The portion Kedoshim begins: “And G-d spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to all the congregation …” So this is an ideal opportunity to consider what Moses was told to share with us as a community. Kedoshim tih’yu – ‘you shall be holy’, or, more literally, as kedoshim is plural, ‘you shall be holinesses’,

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I lift my eyes to the mountains (Ps 121)

Written and first performed for the Oxford Unitarians service at Harris Manchester College, Yom Hashoah 5774/2014 Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 23 January 2014 In English: In Hebrew: Essa Einai / I lift my eyes – BUY the sheet music (Eng & Heb) – $4.95 Many commentators have seen this psalm as expressing total

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