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Music for P’sukei D’zimra

Psalm 92 Musical settings for the ‘Verses of song’ section of the morning service This list includes solo pieces, duets, congregational music, chants, rounds, and full choral settings. Much of it can work unaccompanied as well as accompanied, while some work better with accompaniment.

Barchi Nafshi (Ps 103:1-12)

Music and audio © Alexander Massey 10 June 2019 BUY the sheet music – $4.95 (voice & piano/guitar) Barchi nafshi et Adonai; v’chol k’ravai et sheim kod’sho. Barchi nafshi et Adonai v’al tishk’chi kol g’mulav. Hasoleiach l’chol avoneichi; harofei l’chol tachaluaichi; Hagoeil mishachat chayaichi hamatreichi chesed v’rachamim; Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within …

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Psalm settings

Here are my (currently 15) musical settings of various complete psalms, some part psalms, and single psalm verses: Ashrei Ha’am (Ps. 89:16-19; SATB) – Rosh Hashanah; Parshat B’ha’alotecha – includes fun (optional) vocal ‘echoes’ in the chorus Barchi Nafshi (Ps 103:1-12) – thoughtful; verses used at Kol Nidrei and High Holy Days; usually solo B’ruchah …

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