Books on Jewish prayer practice and meditation

These are my favourites!

  • Comins, Mike (2010) Making Prayer Real: leading Jewish voices on what prayer is difficult and what to do about it [Inner meanings & practices.]
  • Grishaver, Joel Lurie (2012) Stories We Pray: insights into the inner work of Jewish worship [A hugely rich resource for imagination, kavanah-intentions and meanings to make the prayers personally significant.]
  • Rosenberg, Arnold S. (1997/2004) Jewish Liturgy as a Spiritual System: a prayer-by-prayer explanation of the nature and meaning of Jewish worship [This is more about the structure of a service, the logic of the sequence of the prayers, given their content.]
  • Roth, Jeff (2012) Jewish meditation practices for everyday life: awakening your heart, connecting with God
  • Shachter-Shalomi, Zalman
    • (2010) The Gates of Prayer: twelve talks on davennology. w/ contributions by Michael Kosacoff; Netanel Miles-Yépez (ed.)
    • (2012) Davening: a guide to meaningful Jewish prayer, w/ Joel Segel
    • (2013) Gate to the Heart: A Manual of Contemplative Jewish Practice. w/ Netanel Miles-Yépez , Robert Micha’el Esformes (eds.)
  • Spitzer, Toba (2022) God Is Here: reimagining the Divine [God doesn’t have to be conceived as having a persona. This book is rich in metaphors, mostly from the Bible (e.g. God as breath, water, fire, rock, cloud), but also modern metaphors such as electricity. This leads to meditations and practices.]
  • Weiss, Avraham (2014) Holistic Prayer: a guide to Jewish spirituality [Includes personal reflections on their meaning.]