Bikur cholim – visiting the sick

The bonds of community and mutual care are given very high value within Judaism. The importance of a Jew extending themselves on behalf of another includes offering the same practical, emotional and spiritual concern for those beyond the Jewish community. One of the key ways that this can be expressed is through bikur cholim, visiting

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Celebrating Brit Shalom (book by Moss & Wald)

There are many websites, resources, and articles, by noted medical experts, rabbis and authorities on Jewish tradition and halachah (law) that set out the arguments both against brit milah (the circumcision ritual for Jewish boys), and for alternative welcoming, naming and covenant ceremonies (such as brit shalom) that do not involve cutting or drawing of blood. You will find a number of useful resources

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Music, English lyrics and Recording © Alexander Massey, Aug 2014. Hebrew words (Trad.) Dedicated to my Rabbi, Reb Zalman Shachter-Shalomi (ztz”l), completed during shloshim. These three Hebrew lines from the evening blessing express our yearning for God’s protection – day and night – and throughout our lives. I think they can also be a prayer for the

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