Jewish Rounds for singing

A collection of rounds from the simple and easy learnable, to complex ones for advanced musicians and vocalists. The shortest melody is 6 bars, and the longest 48 bars, with anything from 2 to 5 voices. There are recordings of all of them on this website. If you would like sheet music for any of these, there are payment buttons for some of them on their individual pages, or you can contact me directly.

NameLanguageMax. vces.Melody lengthTime signature
Adonai S'fatai Tiftach (Ps 51:17)H216 and 82/2
B'nei Mitzvah Nigunn/a3242/4
B'rich Rachamana (Brachot 40b)H362/2
Ein Keloheinu No.2H2 (or 3)810/8
Elohai N'shamah (Brachot 60b)H362/2
Halleluyah No. 2 (Ps 150)H4323/4
Kein LaShabbat Haba'ah (Alexander Massey)H3244/4
Lo Yisa Goi (Isaiah 2:4)H and/or E49 and 94/4
Lo Yisa Goi No.2 (Isaiah 2:4)H + E3224/4 + 6/8 + 3/4 (!)
Mah Gadlu (Ps 92:6)H3124/4
Mah Tovu No.1 (Num. 24:7)H286/8
Shabbat ShalomH4 (or 5)162/2
Shalom AleichemH3122/2
Sh'ma Adonai Koli Ekra (Ps. 27:7)H2162/2
Simcha Song (Ps 81)E3484/4
Sim Shalom No. 2H and/or E49 and 94/4
Tashlich (Micah 7:18-19)H284/4
V'asu Li Mikdash (Ex. 25:8)H and/or E2162/4
V'shavti B'veit Adonai (Ps. 23:6)H2326/8
Yonah's Nigunn/a3 (or 4)24 or 323/4
'You have all been shown what is good' (Micah 6:8)E2162/4