Brich Rachamana at Lincoln Jewish Minyan

The grace after meals, my setting of B’rich Rachamana was taught to the Lincoln Jewish Minyan at their St George’s Harvest Supper (2013).

“After a lovely dessert of spiced plums and ice cream Steve then surprised the gathering by inviting them all to join him in singing Birkat Hamazon (Grace After Meals) in Hebrew. He chose the very short version: Brich Rachamana, Malka D’Alma, Ma’arey D’Chai Pitta. Using a tune he had learnt at the 2012 EAJL Retreat [European Academy of Jewish Liturgy], written by Alexander Massey, he soon had them all singing confidently in Hebrew, not only in unison, but also in a two-part division harmonising splendidly”


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