Life Cycle

Libavtini achoti chalah – ‘You have ravished my heart, my sister’

Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 9 Dec 2015 BUY the sheet music (voice, guitar chords, optional flute part) – $4.50 (2 copies @ $2.25) BUY the sheet music (lead sheet) – $3.95 This recording and a version of this article were published on Ritual Well (USA) as ‘You have ravished my heart, my sister‘. …

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Facing the Future

Download ‘Facing the Future Checklist’ Introduction It’s never ‘too soon’ to put our affairs in order so that all is prepared in the event of our death. After all, it is going to happen – we just don’t know when. But why bother? After all, once we’re dead, doesn’t it all become someone else’s problem? Yes …

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Brit Shalom ceremonies – resources

This page includes a huge array of information about Jewish circumcision (brit milah), and its modern alternative, brit shalom (with no cutting, or drawing blood). As Mark Reiss says: “Brit Shalom can be similar to the naming ceremony traditionally used for baby girls, sometimes called Brit Bat (daughter). Other names for Brit Shalom include Brit Ben …

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Celebrating Brit Shalom (book by Moss & Wald)

There are many websites, resources, and articles, by noted medical experts, rabbis and authorities on Jewish tradition and halachah (law) that set out the arguments both against brit milah (the circumcision ritual for Jewish boys), and for alternative welcoming, naming and covenant ceremonies (such as brit shalom) that do not involve cutting or drawing of blood. You will find a number of useful resources …

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Beyond Breaking the Glass (Nancy Wiener) – notes on the book

These are my own shorthand notes of a wonderful book by Rabbi Nancy Wiener, Beyond Breaking the Glass: A Spiritual Guide to Your Jewish Wedding, (2012, Central Conference of American Rabbis). I hope they encourage you to buy the book. By the way, the notes in square brackets are my own thoughts, rather than ideas gleaned …

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Preparing for marriage

Marriage is a support system for the deepest, highest selves – what spiritually oriented people might call the ‘souls’ – of the two partners. Take time to make a deep wedding ritual together, to bind yourselves together healthily and strongly.