Jewish Baby Blessings

Here is a list of the music that I have written to Jewish texts that be used for Jewish baby blessings, for boys or girls:

Here are some additional pieces that could fit well on the day:

  • Simcha Song – a riotous piece that celebrates whatever the occasion is, acknowledges God as the source of all goodness, gently notes that some present at a simcha may be feeling some private sadness, and joyfully invites everyone to eat! Can be sung unison, or as a three part round.
  • V’Asu Li Mikdash (We’ll Make You a holy home) – “We we’ll make You a holy home, and You will dwell with us” – a text for the completion of the Sanctuary, this can also be sung in the spirit of people creating a collective sacred space; the text can also allude to making a holy home for the baby
  • Y’varech’cha Adonai (Priestly blessing) – This can be sung solo/unison, with guitar, or full piano accompaniment; there is also an arrangement for full choir (SATB) and piano. The full Hebrew blessing is sung, and the middle section is a translation into English.

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