Jewish Music Fair – 21 Feb 2016

Sunday 21 February 2016

10am – 5:15pm

North Western Reform Synagogue, Alyth Gardens, London NW11 7EN

Choose from 20 Jewish music sessions throughout the day with a chance to perform, participate, listen, learn, socialise, network, eat, drink and have a stimulating or relaxing day depending on your mood. Some of Britain’s finest Jewish musicians will inspire and teach a vast array of workshops. View flyer.

Application forms can be found online, at or from

I am running 3 sessions during the day:

10:30am – Singing and Moving

Use gentle movement and gesture to embody personal and communal prayer, while we sing familiar prayers and verses to simple chants.

11:30am – Singing and Feeling

Taking the prayers we know and exploring the questions: What if I had made up these words myself, What if I had made up this music myself, How can I sing these familiar prayers and tunes in community so that they are shir chadash, a new song, every time?

3:10pm – Song Learning

Learn by ear some new prayer settings, chants and sounds that are filtering into communities in the UK and abroad. Music for many occasions in Jewish life, as well as more reflective moments. Bring your enthusiasm and a recording device (optional).

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