Sim Shalom (No.2) with Lo Yisa Goi

Music and audio © Alexander Massey 25 Nov. 2018

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(Apologies for my falsetto parts in this ad hoc recording – I’ll post a better recording when I next have sopranos in my studio!)

This Sim Shalom (Maker of Peace) partners another round, Lo Yisa Goi (No.2), that prophecies the end of war. Lo Yisa Goi is set in a minor key, and is a 4 part round using a verse from Isaiah 2:4:

Lo yisa goi el goi cherev, v’lo yilmadu od milchamah.

“Nation will not harm nation; there’ll be no thought of war.”

Note that the last word (“war”) of the last voice in the round is deliberately left out.

This then leads into Sim Shalom, the second round, using exactly the same tune, but translated into the major key. This second section uses a verse from the Sim Shalom blessing of the daily amidah prayer:

Sim shalom tovah uv’rachah, chein vachesed v’rachamim, aleinu v’al kol ha-olam.

“Grant peace and goodness and blessing, grace, and kindness, and mercy to us and all the world.”