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Mi Adir

Mi Adir – Composition and audio © Alexander Massey, 13 Nov 2013 Mi Adir is a text that is traditionally used at a Jewish wedding as the couple processes to the chuppah. Last year, I composed a new musical setting for it,

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The Priestly Blessing (Y’varech’cha)

Y’varech’cha Adonai (May You Be Blessed) – Composition and audio © Alexander Massey, 3 July 2013 The simple meaning I have always loved the sounds of this blessing (sometimes called the ‘Priestly Blessing’), whether in Hebrew or English. The verbal repetitions,

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V’erastich Li

Watch/listen to V’erastich Li on YouTube >> The sheet music is available in any key for £3.50 GBP (please contact me if you want a different key from the ones shown here) Buy lower SOLO voice version – Fmaj (C-D) Buy higher

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Your People Will Be My People (Ruth)

Ruth 1:16-18 Composition, lyrics and audio © Alexander Massey, 9 Nov 2011 Vatomeir Rut al-tifgi-bi, l’azveich lashuv meiachara’ich: ki el asher teilchi eileich, uva’asher talini alin – ameich ami, veilohayich elohai; ba’asher tamuti amut, v’sham ekaveir; koh ya’aseh adonai li,

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Simcha Song (Ps 81)

Midrash on Psalm 81 (1-4, 8, 11) Composition, lyrics and audio © Alexander Massey, 12 Sep 2011 I love those old songs that have two melodies that overlap each other; one melody is like a fast patter song, and the

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