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Here is a list of the music that I have written to Jewish texts that can fit into a Jewish wedding: B’ruchah Haba’ah (Blessed Is She) – A simple tune, the guests can pick up the refrain easily by ear …

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In Hebrew In English – ‘Rise up, my love, my fair one’ Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 9 Dec 2015 This recording and a version of this article were published on Ritual Well (USA) as ‘Arise, my love‘. English …

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Composition and audio © Alexander Massey 9 Dec 2015 BUY the sheet music (voice, guitar chords, optional flute part) – $4.50 (2 copies @ $2.25) BUY the sheet music (lead sheet) – $3.95 This recording and a version of this …

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One of the common questions that I hear from couples is: “What do people normally say in their vows at a Jewish wedding?” The ultra-traditional approach My first answer is that, the most common form for centuries was a very …

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These are my own shorthand notes of a wonderful book by Rabbi Nancy Wiener, Beyond Breaking the Glass: A Spiritual Guide to Your Jewish Wedding, (2012, Central Conference of American Rabbis). I hope they encourage you to buy the book. By …

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The Sheva Brachot are one of the core ‘set pieces’ of a Jewish wedding. [Scroll to the end of this page to hear 4 different musical versions of the same blessings.] While the wording is very traditional, and the blessings are traditionally …

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Marriage is a support system for the deepest, highest selves – what spiritually oriented people might call the ‘souls’ – of the two partners. Take time to make a deep wedding ritual together, to bind yourselves together healthily and strongly.

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Jewish religious wedding ceremonies are actually quite simple in structure and content, and this page sets out the main elements. However, simplicity should not be confused with superficiality. A religious wedding ceremony should not be hastily planned, rushed through on the …

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There is a lot to think about in preparing for your wedding day. This page is not about the venue, clothing decisions, stag or hen nights, food, flowers, guest list, invitations, room bookings, seating arrangements, honeymoon plans or many other pressing …

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We have much beautiful music to choose from when putting together a Jewish wedding. Here is just a small selection of the main choices that are available; each text has many different musical versions. I am a seasoned professional singer and instrumentalist, …

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