Music for Pesach

Original songs by Alexander Massey

  • The Four Children – A fun song that use two voice parts, one very simple and repetitive.
  • Ki L’olam Chasdo (Ps 136) – Verses from the Great Hallel, including refrains that I very quick for people to pick up around the seder table.
  • Oseh Shalom (Ukraine lullaby) – When the war in Ukraine began in February 2022, I set the words to a folksong melody from Ukraine. We have sung this in our community as a reminder of our connection, and responsibilities.


Fun songs to well known tunes

  • ‘Don’t sit on the Afikomen’ (tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic – ‘Glory, glory, Halleluyah’) – download PDF of lyrics
  • ‘These are a few of our Passover things’ (tune: These are a few of my favourite things) – download PDF of lyrics
  • Several songs with funny lyrics by Gary Teblum, to tunes by the Beatles – external link

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