Jewish Wedding Music Choices

We have much beautiful music to choose from when putting together a Jewish wedding. Here is just a small selection of the main choices that are available; each text has many different musical versions. I am a seasoned professional singer and instrumentalist, and have been cantorial prayer leader for numerous services and communities; and as a published composer in the UK and USA, can also be commissioned to write a piece of music or setting of a sacred text especially for you; please get in touch about what music you would like for your wedding. You will see that I have composed settings for some of the wedding texts, but I am happy to do other musical settings of your choice as well.

Also, make sure you read on this site: Preparing for Marriage, the Jewish Wedding Ceremony Checklist, and Jewish Wedding Ceremony – the elements.

Processionals (arriving under the chuppah, and circling)

(also see additional solo pieces)

  • Dodi Li (My beloved is mine)
  • Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of roses, let us go out to the grove)
  • Kumi Lach Rayati (Alexander Massey)
  • Libavtini Achoti Chalah (Alexander Massey)
  • Yedid Nefesh (Beloved of the soul)
  • Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem the Gold)


  • Baruch Haba (Ps 118:26) OR B’ruchah Haba’ah (Alexander Massey) OR B’ruchim Habaim (Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord)
  • Mi Adir (blessing the couple) (Alexander Massey)
  • Birkat Erusin (blessing of the betrothal – sanctity of marriage) [wine, marriage, chuppah]
  • Sheva Brachot (7 wedding blessings: 1-wine, 2-God’s glory, 3-humankind, 4-image of God, 5-children, 6-couple, 7-joy)
  • V’erastich Li (Hosea: I betroth you to me – Alexander Massey)
  • Y’varech’cha (Priestly blessing) (Alexander Massey)

Recessionals (after breaking the glass)

  • Siman Tov umazel tov [after breaking of the glass]
  • Libavtini Achoti Chalah (Alexander Massey)
  • Od Yishama (It will yet be heard in the cities of Judea
and the parts of Jerusalem:

Sound of joy and sound of gladness,
voice of groom and bride.)
  • Simcha Song (Alexander Massey)
  • [Instrumental] Chosn Kala Mazel Tov
  • Ivdu et Hashem b’simchah (‘Serve God with gladness’)

Additional Solo Pieces

  • Halleluyah (Ps 150) (Praise God + Kol han’shamah let everything that breathes praise God)
  • Hariu Ladonai (Ps 100) (Shout to the Lord, all the Earth … come before His presence with singing)
  • Kumi Lach (Song of Songs: Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away – Debbie Friedman)
  • Los Biblicos (The nightingales sing with sighs of love)
  • Mah Tovu (How good are your tents Jacob, how lovely are your dwellings Israel – Alexander Massey)
  • You Have Captured My Heart (Julie Silver)
  • Your People Will Be My People (Alexander Massey)
  • Zeh Dodi (Song of Songs: This is my beloved – Benji Ellen Schiller)

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